Bear Creek Services
Bear Creek Office Team - Captain: Bear Creek Office

Thank you for participating in the "Walk and Roll" for Bear Creek Services!  

Proceeds from this event will help us purchase accessible vehicles for our group homes and Independent Living Services programs!

Thank you for supporting Bear Creek Services on behalf of:

Linda Driessen       Larry Graham

Allison Alberts       Neil Witzel

Alyssa Matias         Pam Alberts

Angie Froisland      Pam Mulhall

Ashley Beranek      Seaira Holland

Brian Hale              Sharon Love

Connie Wendt         Sunday Odeyinka

Diane Sellner          Todd Devine

Emmy Shirk            Vanessa Kamara




Team Goal

My Donors
Pam Alberts
Allison Alberts
Sakura Cleal
David & Sharon Goebel
Brian Hale
Sharon Love
Kevin and Linda Driessen
Adam Driessen
Becky Hale
Kelcie Driessen
Devine Family
Delia Driessen
Sharon & Steve Love
The Tetons
My Registrants
Brian Hale
Jacob Budd
Linda Driessesn
Jon Budd
Michael Budd
Gail Hale
Thank you to our sponsors!
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